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Wellpoint Dewatering D/A Piston Pump

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Wellpoint Dewatering Technical Specification

Cylinder diameter (mm) 160 175
Number of cylinders (NOS) 2 2
Installed engine power (Kw) 5.5 7.5
Max. capacity (m3/h) 65 95
Max. head (m) 22 22
Max vacuum (m) 1.8 1.8
Height(m) 9.4 9.4
Bare end pump weight (Kg) 825 825
Efficiency, up to (%) 92 92
Shaft sealing Gland packing Gland packing
Connection (In)) 4 and 6 4 and 6

Spare Parts


Lubrication and drive

Precisely machined drive gears and an automatic lubrication system provide excellent performance and minimal sound emissions.


Easy access points

Allowing access to the cylinders, stuffing boxes and other critical areas for easy cleaning and maintenance.


Practical valve system

The valve system is fitted with an O-ring seal and a solid bridge section for Securing purposes. This allows for quick and easy disassembly, even after prolonged use.


Hard-wearing piston rods

The stainless steel piston rods have been carefully machined to provide an increased service life and minimal maintenance.

2) KVP Vertical Pump

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KAMAR VERTICAL PUMPS are basically designed for Construction Industry, for mixing and pumping of Bentonite clay used in pilling work. The Pump has vertical format design, Top Suction, Cantilever Type of Bearing Housings, while the drive motor is located at the top. The design of the pump is such that it mixes as well as it pumps the Bentonite slurry, thus giving the effect of churning the Bentonite Slurry in the tank.

This pump can be hung in the tank by means of chain pulley blocks or any other conventional method so that it can be lowered or raised as per the level of the Bentonite in the tank. Bentonite Mixing Pump is used to mix and pump BentoniteSlurry during the Pilling Process in Construction Industry. The material is such as to withstand the abrasive nature of the slurry during Pilling Process.

Typical Application

  • Bentonite supported pilling with grabs small diameter drilling for injection and anchors.
  • Well drilling occasionally used in combination with tunneling machines.

Technical Specification

Capacity (m3/hr.) 60-108
Head (mts) 15-27
Sp. Gr. of Slurry 1.15
Pump Speed (RPM) 1400
Wear Parts Hi-Chrome
Discharge dia. (mm) 75
Suction dia (mm) 125
Mounting Vertical
Absorbed Power (kW) 10
Motor Rating (kW) 11
RPM 1450
Frame Size 160 M
Working Pressure(bar) 16

3) Centrifugal Water Pump

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Pumps are as per DIN 24256 and ISO 2858 and generally conform to API 61 0 (7th Edition). The design is to back pull out type. Largo variety of models are available to operate at 1450 rpm and 2900 rpm at 50 Hz and 1750 rpm and 3500 rpm at 60 Hz.


The casing has axial suction and top centre line delivery. Smooth hydraulic passages ensure high efficiency. Normal design is for foot mounted pumps. Centre line mounting for special applications are also available.


The impellers are of enclosed type and semi-open impellers can also be supplied. Hydraulic balancing of impellers is achieved either by back vanes or by balancing holes. The impellers are statically and dynamically balanced. Reliable fixing of the impeller on shaft is achieved by using helicoil insert under impeller nut. To improve NPSH performance, inducer can be supplies.


The shaft is supported by two antifriction bearing to take Residual Axial Thrust and Prevent Axial Float or Radial Run Out. It is fully protected from the liquid handled by means of a shaft Sleeve and Ptfe Gaskets between impeller Nut, Impeller Hub and Shaft Sleeve.

Stuffing Box:

The stuffing box is sealed by gland packing or by mechanical seal. Conversion from gland packing to mechanical seal is achieved by changing some standardized parts. Re-machining of stuffing box is not necessary. Stuffing box cooling is provided for high temperature applications.


The bearings are oil lubricated. For high temperature application, bearing oil cooling arrangement is provided.

Direction of Rotation:

Clockwise viewed from driving end.


Pumps can be driven by electric motors.


  • Drilling as per ND 1 6.
  • DIN 2533 (Cast Iron — Raised face)
  • DIN 2543 (steel-Plain face)

Typical Application:

  • Water treatment & distribution system for Constructions.

Capacity (m3/hr.) 400
TDH (MLC) 140
Temperature (a#) 120
Working pressure (Bar) 15